3D Pyramid A 3Dimensional Coach realizes the power of the coaching platform to inspire, motivate, and produce positive change in his or her sphere of influence.  At the 3D Institute, we desire to come alongside coaches to help them maximize their influence and positively impact the lives of every individual that comes through their programs.

3Dimensional Coaches are:

  1. fundamentally sound
  2. skilled at coaching the mind
  3. focused on developing the heart

The  courses for college credit and certification courses on this site are designed to help coaches develop a 3Dimensional Coaching strategy to fulfill their transformational purpose in coaching.

What is FCA’s Role?

School Districts and Athletic Departments

Even though we are a faith-based ministry there is an opportunity for us to partner with school districts and athletic directors through 3D Coaching. 3-Dimensional Coaching was developed by Dr. Jeff Duke based on his many years of coaching, being an athletic director, and upon extensive research at the University of Central Florida, which is one of the largest universities in the United States. FCA and School Districts/Athletic Departments can agree and align on the impact of the coach in the lives of athletes and how developing a framework for a coach to have strategies to impact the whole athlete (body, mind, and heart) is incredibly important. This certification is found at: www.3dinstitute.com

Faith Based Coaches

For those coaches who are connected with FCA through a relationship with Christ, we have licensed the 3-Dimensional Coaching training and developed additional content that includes a faith-based perspective. This can be found at: www.fcacoachesacademy.com